Jun 1, 2007

the struggle over the land

It has been quite a while my attention in this blog swing to other topics. Now, I am trying to go back to my initial interest when I wrote this blog at the first time. The land is back on the agenda.

Escalation over dispute land has resulted in several tensions and losses as well. Very recently, four natives were killed in Pasuruan when they were head to head with Navy soldier (here). Before this, a high populated area in Meruya has been claimed by both PT Portanigra and hundred of people who hold official land certificate from national land board (BPN) (here). If the land is so important for the people, the question is why have there been little significant efforts to resolve this problem?

The patterns in the past have shown that the interests of capitalist were often hand in hand with the state in the way to appropriate land from the people (see my posting here). It was also common the use of military personnel to secure such interest besides military institutions were benefited from land allocation to run non-military business. Of course the processes of land grabbing have never as smooth as we think. There were always people who were expelled from the land but have no way to fight back. Indeed the powerful new order regime had succeeded to make land allocation going smooth.

I think this is the root cause of land conflicts, here I don’t consider personal land dispute as land conflicts. There is another issues of poor land administration that cause personal dispute, as I have been argued (here and here).

Do any of you want to discuss and answer my question?

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