Mar 15, 2007

Train Diaries

For some reasons, I still use public transportation such as train anywhere I go including to work. First, I have neither a car nor a motorcycle; second, train offers cheap ticket and relatively fast compared to other means of transportation; and third, it brings me an advantage of immersing myself to the life of economy class’s people in this city.

Suddenly, I remembered an inspiring movie I watched during the beginning of my study in Holland. It was a movie about young Che Guevara with his friend, Alberto Granado, traveled across Latin America using motorcycle, “Motorcycle Diaries”. The movie was invigorating, for me, because the trip had opened their mind of what happened in the reality of Latin America. And the reality was far from what the story told in the books.

In one scene, Che met a community consisted of two groups who lived separately. The reason was one group was in poor health so in order not to spread the disease to the others, one had to be exiled to the island in front of the village (I guess the village was close to the lake or something like that). Having seen this, Che couldn’t accept since he was a medical student, instead of treat them with proper therapy, exclusion didn’t solve the problem. Then he swam to the island although he knew that he wasn’t a good swimmer. In short, he stayed there to give the group a treatment.

After all, I am unrivaled to Che but let’s take his spirit. May be one day my journey will become train diaries, why not?

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colson said...

Yeah, good movie about Che's spirit: living a romantic, passionate and compassionate life. But it all ended in a drama.

However I think it is interesting that the director of the movie (Walter Salles, who also made Central do Brasil) represents a new wave of idealism and solidarity in South America. Maybe that's inspirational in other parts of the world, including RI, as well.