Nov 2, 2006

Land certificate or Land insecurity?

It is a common view among rank and file that there is a sense of insecurity dealing with an individual land transaction. This is because the transaction is just equipped with the land release letter and in some cases the letter isn’t secure enough to defend from other claims for instance another buyer who had the same letter for the same plot of land. The notion of double sales is also important to reveal since it operates through two ways. First, the land sellers didn’t consult their decision to sell the land with the other families and second, due to poor records, the village head re-issued the letter for the same plot. In addition to that another dimension of insecurity was not only because of double sales, but also amid the process of issuing land certificate by BPN.

As experienced by some buyers who applied for land certificate, they were ended by waiting their application for more that a year. There is a feeling of insecurity when the original released letter was submitted to the BPN, should there are any calamities so the letter is lost, the applicant would be more insecure. Therefore some buyers prefer keeping the original letter with him than applying for the certificate (yyy, interview).

It doesn’t mean that the land certificate is not important; in fact it provides a means to defend from other claims. But the weaknesses are not the certificate itself but more on the lack of law enforcement. This is not exceptional case for this island but it happens all over the country.

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